Dat kölsche Grundgesetz


Et es wie et es


Et kütt wie et kütt

Et hät noch immer joot jegange

Wat fott es, es fott

Et bliev nix wie et wor

Kenne mer nit, bruche mer nit, fott domet


Wat wells de maache?

Maach et joot, ävver nit zo off


Wat soll dä Käu?

Drinkste eine met?

Do laachs de disch kapott


It is like it is


Whatever will be, will be

It has always worked out

Whatever is gone, is gone

Nothing remains as it was

What we don´t know, we don´t need,

be gone

Whatever will you do?

Fare well, but not too often


What the heck is with that?

Join in! Let´s have a drink

You´ll split your sides laughing


Es como es.


Pasará lo que pasará.

Al final, todo acaba bien

Lo que perdiste, ya no tienes.

Nada queda como era antes.

Lo que no conocemos, no necesitamos,

entonces lo tiramos.

No hay nada que se pueda hacer.

Que te lo pases bien,

pero que te cuides también.

Qué tontería es esto?

Tomas una copa con nosotros?

Te ries hasta la muerte.

An absolute must: Cologne is the capital of German peaceful multi ethnicity. You can find everything from classical culture to subculture.  Come on in!


  • More than 180 nationalities live here, we have the largest turkish and jewish communities in Germany outside of Berlin.
  • Duesseldorf is the capital of Nordrhine-Westfalia, but Cologne is bigger and funkier.
  • Don´t believe Cologne people talking about Dusseldorf.
  • The „Dom“ cathedral is a must see, but there are lots of other attractions worth visiting.
  • Cologne is the city of students and freelancers. In summer their office is the „Grüngürtel“- a large park surrounding the inner city.
  • If you want to go out Cologne Style, put on an unbranded loose shirt and bring your flip-flops
  • We have many TV and Radiostations in Cologne: WDR, Deutsche Welle, Deutschlandfunk, RTL etc.

How to get around

The best way to discover Cologne is by foot or take a bike. There are lots of bike paths all over the city which are helpful to get around town easily. Walking from one end of Cologne to the other will not take you more than a day.

Ferrys cross the rivers Rhine and Sieg on 4 different spots. It´s fun.
Arriving by car is not a good idea. There is very little parking space which is very expensive and traffic is heavy.

To rent a bike, Radstation Köln offers bikes and repair services and is located right next to the main train station of Cologne. If you plan to stay longer in Cologne, try the different garage sale points for example the one in front of the canteen of the university or the „ADFC“ bike flea-market.
Any trouble with your bike? Find a mechanic at the Alte Feuerwache Köln with a help-yourself repair service on fridays from 5 until 9 pm.

If for some reason that is not an option, then use the KVB systems for short distances or the S-Bahn for longer distances. Tickets are available at counters, 24/7 ticket machines and with the KVB App „KVB mobil“ you can get information about delays, timetables, etc. … and even buy your ticket online. You can choose between single-, day- or group tickets or a 4er ticket strip. Otherwise you rely on the experiences of our trainee who rides the metro 3-5 times a day and whose ticket was only checked 3 times in 4 years. If you get caught without valid ticket it can cost €60!

  • Maps:
    we recommend the „Fahrradstadtplan Köln“ ( bike map Cologne) or just take one of our Kulturklüngel city-maps with an overview of multi-cultural Cologne.
  • the Kulturkluengel Map has all our favorite spots whatever they are food stores, restaurants, nightlife, fashion, religion, sports, vegetable-markets and flea-markets. Get your print.
  • We have great and authentic food from all over the world. What do you want? Persian? Indian? Southeast-Asian? Japanese? Peruvian?
  • You can celebrate christian sunday services in many different languages
  • The Cologne Dialect has its own vocabulary. For Example „Kluengel“ = networking.
  • The city council is famous for being incompetent and corrupt. So if you really want to make business you have to choose the right Carneval-association
  • All over Germany Cologne is famous for being a good party spot. Most tourists end up in the old town only. But the sunday morning fog at PArkgürtel or sunrise at the Rhine beach in Niehl is the real magic


Finding a good hotel in a new city is never easy, so we would like to recommend some: Mauritiushotel and Spa is the most comfortable choice in the center. Hotel Chelsea. You can get a single room from 38€ per night. Lots of artists have felt at home here. Another good option is the Hotel Breslauer Hof with single rooms including breakfast from 59€ per night. The hotel is right next to the main trainstation in Cologne and is adjoining  the Breslauer Platz with IC buses and ferry connection to the Convention/ Messe.

If you are looking for a cute creative hostel, try die Wohngemeinschaft and book a bed in a dorm room from 20€ per night. You can enjoy charming furniture and interior styling during your stay. Located in the lively Belgische Viertel, it has his own restaurant, bar, theater. Dorm beds, bed rooms and more. The hostel Weltempfänger in Ehrenfeld is no less of a hot spot. Beds starting from 19€ in a dorm room.

A pretty to stay is the campsite Kölner Jugendpark with space for camping for 6€ per person and possibilities to rent gear for barbecues. The center of Cologne is just 15 minutes walking away and you can enjoy the panorama view of the Kölner Dom from your tent.

eating out- all cultures of Cologne!

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                    Cologne cuisine

The traditional Cologne cuisine is not only about drinking beer, its also about delicious – if somewhat hearty – dishes which all have their own name in the kölsch language.
Probably the most famous one is the so called „Himmel un Äd“ which means Heaven and Earth and is composed of mashed potatoes, melted apple pieces and blood sausage. Also very famous is the so called „Soorbrode“, a traditional potroast dish made of beef – earlier even with horse meat – potato pancakes „Rievkoche“ or dumplings and apple purée. A good example for how confusing the kölsch language is for other germans is the „Halve Hahn“. Normally „Hahn“ is a german word for chicken, but in this case its the name for rye bread rolls with cheese, onions, pickles and mustard.

What´s up in Cologne?

We have 3 Seasons:

CHRISMAS, when there are christmas markets everywhere in Cologne. They take place from mid november until the end of december!

CARNIVAL SEASON from 11.11. to ash wednesday, the most important days being the week from „Weiber-Fastnacht“ to ash Wednesday.

SUMMERSEASON: good weather, beer from the Kiosk and up to the park.


Summerjam – biggest reggae festival in Europe
Robodonien – the festival of robots
Birlikte – a celebration with art, culture and discussions against racism
CSD – Christopher Street Day, the gay parade
At The B-Sites – put your radio headseats on and experience a silent concert
lit.COLOGNE – one of Europe’s largest literature festivals
phil.COLOGNE – international philosophy festival
Expedition Colonia – festival of city-tours. It´s the time of Kulturklüngels Musical tour, featuring concerts of different cultures
Katzensprung – festival with alternative music and space for cultural freedom
Ehrenfeld Hopping – move around from bar to bar and enjoy all kind of music
Musik in den Häusern der Stadt – private hosts offer newcomers of Jazz, Pop, Blues and Rock a stage to perform on.
Menschenrechtsfestival Cologne – Human Rights Festival of Cologne


stadtrevue – monthly print magazine and online day by day event-calender.

multi-ethnic Cologne – how we love it…

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